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Saturday, Oct 18
I just got back from some signings on the Colorado River. On Friday we signed in Lake Havasu as a result of a magazine article about me and Wet Desert in Colorado River Life magazine. The picture below is at another signing at Hoover Dam (High Scaler Cafe). 


Thursday, Oct 11, 6:30pm (Reading & Signing)
Sam Weller's Bookstore, 254 S. Main, Salt Lake City, UT
Report: Sam Weller's sponsored an author event in downtown Salt Lake City last night. There were three authors invited, all from small publishers. Before the signings, they invited each of us to introduce our book and read. They even had a podium setup. It was my first reading and I was a little nervous. But, it went very well and we sold some books for Sam Weller. The authors are: Myself, Linda Dunning & Lannie Scopes. 

Saturday, Sep 15, 2 - 4pm
Little Professor Book Ctr, 15 N. Main, St. George, UT
Report: St. George is selling a ton of books. Here is a picture of the signing we did at Little Professor. The guy on the left is Mark Grant, a good friend that I grew up with.


Wednesday, Aug 22, 2 - 4 p.m.
BYU Bookstore, Provo, UT
Report: BYU invited me to do a signing during education week. The bookstore was incredibly busy which made for a fun signing. I was signing right next to Bob Lonsberry, the morning talk-show host on 570 AM.


Wednesday, Aug 15  4 p.m.
LDS Booksellers Conference, Sandy, UT

June 9th (Saturday)
11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Lee's Marketplace, Smithfield, UT
2 - 4 p.m. Book Table, Logan, UT
Report: These two June 9th singings were a ton of fun. They were both held in Cache Valley the day after the great review in the Herald Journal (see reviews). Almost everyone came in the store specifically for Wet Desert. Many had already perused my web site and a few had already read the first chapter online. One was a retired employee of the Bureau of Reclamation. Some were interested because they loved the Colorado River. Many mentioned ties with The Monkey Wrench Gang. Two professors from USU showed up, including one who said he wanted to see for himself if anyone from Trenton could really write a book. Overall, the attendees were very serious readers, who all seemed excited to get their hands on Wet Desert. I hope a few of them send me an email after they read it.

May 12th (Saturday)
Town Hall, Trenton, Utah. 3 - 5 p.m.

Wet Desert's first book signing took place on Saturday, May 12th in the Town Hall in Trenton, Utah (pop. 450). Gary' grew up in Trenton on a dairy farm. Most of the fiction readers came out to get a signed copy from Gary. It was a great chance to talk about how Wet Desert was written. By the end, Gary's hand was tired from signing books.