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“It reminded me a great deal of reading a Tom Clancy novel with its introduction of various aspects of the story, but it is faster paced and the device doesn’t slow down the story. But like Clancy, the author welds together diverse story lines and characters into one highly suspenseful tale that has the reader reluctant to miss a word or to set the book down.” Click to read more


“I could tell you that this is a fact paced page turner. I could also suggest that through most of this book you will find yourself on the edge of your seat, but it would not do justice to this spine tingling thriller.  I recommend one last trip down a Colorado River you have never before experienced.” Click here to read more

“First-time author writes on-your-toes thriller.” “Be one of the first to get this guy’s autograph this weekend — I’m telling you, he is bound to go places.” Click here to read more  


“Wet Desert is a fast paced book that takes place over a three day period. Descriptions of the collapsing dams and muddy, fast flowing water keep the reader involved and turning pages. the reader watches the damage happen while the long-term repercussions are discussed and illustrated. This is a book by a first time author that is worth looking into.” Click here to read more

“We recommend Wet Desert, a new book from a small press that we recently read and liked very much. It is the author's first published novel, but does not read like a first novel. Instead, it is a polished work based on a relatively new plot idea.” Click here to read more


“For a first book, this moved right out to the front very quickly. There was never a period of lag. I recommend Wet Desert." -- Ed Thomas, Book Carnival, Orange, CA.


“Wet Desert was an exiting novel, I relished the entire book.  It was a supremely engaging story with a lyrically drawn sense of place.  This is a stellar debut, hope to see more." -- Pat, Once Upon a Crime, Minneapolis, MN.


“STAFF PICK. We have been pleasantly surprised by this new novel from a local author. Wet Desert is chillingly on target in setting and theme."


I was overwhelmed with the magnitude of the river and the force of the water.  The damage to the dams down river, the towns, farms and the California aquifer are unbelievable, and Hansen makes you feel that you are right there.  Click here to read more  


It's an exciting story of cat and mouse. Hunting. Chasing. It pits his [the main character's] river knowledge against the terrorist. Click here to LISTEN!


“Wet Desert succeeds in creating gripping suspense while making readers realize that even a behemoth like Glen Canyon Dam cannot be taken for granted. The book keeps you in suspense throughout by using a local "sacred cow" to grab our attention and not let go.” Click here to read more