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Wet Desert is a terrific read. Shocking, tense, exhilarating. I couldn’t put it down! --- David Howard, screenwriter of the hit movie Galaxy Quest.

I teach an interdisciplinary class in Science, Technology & Society at a small private boys' school in New York City. This year our topic is The Politics of Water, and I have included Wet Desert in the required reading. I stumbled across Wet Desert on Amazon.com last spring. I devoured it in one weekend! The class is reading it now and they're finding it very engaging. Thank you SO much for such an exciting and timely book. -- Sanford M. Pelz, New York,  NY

I just finished your book, Wet Desert, and I thank you for a terrific and exciting read!!!! I am a hydrologist and I found your descriptions of travel times, velocities, and impacts exact and compelling. Nice ending too. We can all dream that we reach these kinds of compromises and work together. Highly Recommended! -- Catherine Vandemoer, Ph.D., Jackson, WY

I met you and your wife at the Hoover Dam signing on Martin Luther King weekend in the High Scaler Cafe. I have to say, your book really worked for me. I have read well over 300 paperbacks and would rank yours among the top 25. -- Brian De Nike, Long Beach, CA

Pleasant surprise seeing an author at Hastings in Havasu--thank you for signing my copy of Wet Desert. When I returned to my home in Bishop, California, I began the book...read...read...and finished six hours later in absolute awe! Superb writing--the research you have done is impressive. I could not believe Wet Desert was your first book. -- Sherry Perkins, Bishop, CA

I just finished Wet Desert in one day, it was outstanding. My family started taking me to Lake Powell before I was 5 years old, and I have gone every year since. To say that this book struck home with me would be an understatement. As enjoyable as it was to read, I thought that your story was an important one to tell. As you know, it is a story with two partisan sides, but you balanced both sides very well. I read Clancy, Grisham, and Demille all the time, and I would have thought it was one of their books had I not known any better. I thought that the president's address at the end of the book was the best part, because for the first time I heard a clear and compromising voice on a very controversial topic. In my humble opinion, I believe the president's words were your own, and I believe you hit the nail on the head. While I might be a biased recreationist of Lake Powell (who rolls his eyes at every Glen Canyon Institute publication), I also believe that the Colorado River has been over allocated, and believe it should run to the gulf. I have recommended your book to all of my friends and family that I go to the lake with. As a resident of San Francisco, I am in environmentalist territory, and have many friends that have strong feelings about Glen Canyon dam, its decommissioning, etc. I will be recommending your book to that crowd as well, and I hope they will consider your informed opinion. Again, I salute you sir, on a job very well done. I look forward to your next book. -- Jeff Gilmore, San Franciso, CA

You have written an incredible book! Wow! I grew up in Page and live in Phoenix now. After a trip up to Lake Powell last week to visit family and enjoy the great lake, my parents let me borrow their copy of Wet Desert. I  found it hard to put it down! You really have a talent for putting the reader right into the scene, even more so for those of us who grew up there in the area. I am sure this book will be read far and wide and hopefully pique others' interest in this beautiful area of our country. Blessings on you, your family and your writing career! -- Lori Britt, Phoenix, AZ

Last Saturday while shopping at Cosco my wife pointed out your book. So, I walked over to you and asked about your book. We has an enjoyable conversation and I decided to purchase a copy of your book. As I recall I mentioned that I was in the midst of reading the biography of John Adams and a couple of other books so it would be a while before I would get to Wet Desert. When I got home I decided to check out the book and maybe read the first chapter. Well, at 4:00 AM Sunday morning I discovered that I had not only read the first chapter but had just finished page 363. You owe me one nights sleep and can repay me by writing another gripping story that I will not be able to put down. -- Stephen Walker, Location unknown

Wow and Double Wow! Picked up your book last week at Costco. I could hardly put it down. My mother-in-law will start it tomorrow. Over they years she has been everywhere there is to go on the Lower Colorado River. My husband lived in Imperial Valley 68 years and myself 51 years. Went to Costco today to buy one for each of our two sons. They were out.....will go online to get them. This book needs to be made into a MOVIE!!!!!!!!! Absolutely fascinating.  Thanks for a great read! -- Pat Wendell, Pleasant View, UT

Just finished your book and have to keep checking the dam to make sure it’s there.  It is a great read. I live on Navajo Drive in Page, was a river guide in the Grand Canyon during the 80s, boat Lake Powell all summer, and grew up in Page. Your book captured so many thoughts and scenarios that I have had in my life.  It was so much fun to read. I will definitely buy more copies and give to my brothers and sisters. If this was your first book, then you have a gift for writing. Keep on going. -- Mike Bryan, PhD., Page, AZ

I just finished your amazing book. I’d been saving it for a long weekend trip to the Sea of Cortez near where the Colorado Delta used to be. Once I got about ˝ way through, I just couldn’t put it down. I sat reading right next to my laptop with a map on the screen so I could zoom on the area where the action was happening. As a native of AZ I thought I knew more about the Colorado and its dams than I actually did know! The fast-paced ‘thriller’ plot and diverse characters and mini-scenarios competed with the ecological implications of the theme to be my ‘favorite’ feature.-- Maureen West, Alpine, AZ

I woke up at 3 this morning to finish your book. I have kayaked, rafted, and canoed the Colorado River system for over 40 years and own a kayak and canoe rental business in Bullhead City. There is not one time I have been below one of the dams that I have not thought about what would happen in case of a catastrophic failure, whether by terrorism or a natural disaster. Thanks for the great story. I am recommending it to everyone I know. --- Helen Howard, Bullhead City, AZ (Desert River Kayak)

We had book club last night. Everyone that had read the book, loved it.  At least one person stated it was the best book they had read in a long time. Barbara stated that Wet Desert has all the qualities of a best seller. It was a fun night! --- Mary-Margaret Hale, Dana Point, CA

I put it in my backpack for a trip to Taiwan Tuesday morning. So I normally sleep the entire way here, but I started reading and could not put it down.  I was two-thirds of the way through by the time I arrived here and even read in bed last night until I just couldn’t keep awake any longer.  I went to an all day meeting and could not stop thinking about it.  I got back to the hotel and started reading as soon as I got to my room.  It is now 9PM here and I just finished it?  I haven’t even eaten. I loved it it! --- John Powell, Houston, TX

Wet Desert is a terrific read! It's one of those books that once you pick it up you can't put it down. Even though it's fiction it certainly seems very plausible that it could actually happen! And some of it right here in Colorado ! This story will keep you on the edge of your chair. Have fun reading it! --- Cookie W, Colorado

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Wet Desert. It is rare for a book to generate such a compulsion to turn pages. I felt as if I was being pulled through the book. It takes a place among my favorite books, in company with Clancy, Crichton, Grisham, and Cussler. I liked the fact that it was technical enough to add credibility, but not such much to be tedious. The characters are well defined and remain believable and consistent throughout the story. The book presents some thought-provoking issues and offers fascinating facts and insights, but still allows the the reader to draw his own conclusions. Specifically, it provides interesting details about the Colorado River, the Glen Canyon Dam, Hoover Dam, Lake Powell, and the Colorado River Delta. I found it so intriguing I had to do further research.  --- Dave Sharette, Salt Lake City, UT

Awesome!!! This book was amazing! The research that went into its writing is incredible and the author does an outstanding job of making it all totally understandable and believable. A fast-paced read that keeps you turning the pages from beginning to end. This book is a 'stay in your robe curled up on the couch one day read' kind of book. I loved it! --- Cherylann Brown, Kaysville, UT

Excellent Plot - Very Exciting! When I read "Wet Desert" by Gary Hansen, I had heard of the book, but wasn't expecting such a riveting plot. Gary is a very good writer, and I hope he will publish more books. I had a hard time putting the book down, because there was always something going on - and I would wonder "what is going to happen next?" I have already recommended this book to many people. --- Kathy Miskho, Kennewick, WA

My wife and children are in shock. I never read fiction, but I finished Wet Desert on July 4th. Very good book, it was hard to put down. I send my brother a copy, and he powered through it in 2 or 3 days. My brother agreed the book was difficult to put down. When is the next one? -- Scott Hubbard, Lake Forest, CA

WOW!!! What a book. It was awesome to say the least. Every page was an adventure. It brought out so many different emotions  As I neared the end I thought to myself "every page and chapter has been so exciting - am I going to be disappointed with the ending?" When I read the last page I cried. It was perfect! --- Elaine Webster, Mesa, AZ

I think we have a new Clive Cussler here. The pacing is excellent, with none
of those long meandering side things. I learned a lot from the book, but it was never just an info dump. The information fit naturally into the action. It was clean and skipped all the swear words. So I just want to tell you, Gary, that you are on your way. --- Mary Greathouse, Delta, UT

I just couldn't stop reading until the last page was turned! I sat down to have a nice cozy read, and found that I was riveted. This is one of those books that you want to read in one sitting. For once, the hero works for the government, and the bad guy is an over-the-top environmentalist. While that isn't "politically correct," it was refreshing and very realistic. I really liked the book. Hansen needs to write more books if this is an example of his talent. Amazing book for a first-time author. -- Janice Legler, Virginia

The story is compelling, the characters are alive, and the writing is solid.  It would not surprise me to see this book become a best seller.  Thank you for writing Wet Desert.  I enjoyed every page of it. -- Mike Jablonski, River Heights, UT

I gave my brother his book last weekend. This morning I received the following email: By the way, that book you gave me is fantastic. Best I've read in many months. I could not put it down. --- Pam Shaefer, Location Unknown

I can't believe your book! How fantastic. I read it in a couple days. Couldn't put it down. It would make a wonderful movie. It kept my attention from the very first page. It was very impressive and well done. I will recommend it to everyone. --- Heather Kupfer, Layton, UT

Terrific book! I could just see the places as you described them. I think it would make a great movie. --- Linda Spackman, Trenton , UT

Wow! What a great read. I couldn't put it down. It was very visual -- and audible with the sounds of blasting and rushing waters filling my ears.  --- Vicki Franklin, Gilbert, AZ

Just finished reading this totally believable book. I got it at the library. It's not often that a reader gets such amazing facts that fit right into the storyline without compromising the story.  This book holds interest right to the last word.  I have officially become a fan of  Gary's and hope that he will continue to write more books.  Would be a shame not to use this talent.  --- Sharlene Davis, Ballard, UT

Read the whole thing and loved it! Good action that just keeps going. I lent my copy to my son. When he came to dinner yesterday, he said, "Wow, Dad. I started reading Wet Desert. What a good book!" He reads a lot and says its the best book he's read lately. Way to go! --- Bruce Allen, Kaysville, UT

I enjoyed every page of it! It brings so many events to realism. It's purely authentic and so interesting I stuck to it, and I don't usually read that long of a book. It took a while to digest all the information. Anyone that has been to any of these places will love the authenticity. --- Don Williams, Smithfield, UT

This was a fun book because I grew up out west and have visited many of the dams and resorts that the fictitious terrorist plots to destroy. I learned some interesting things about preserving our land and what often motivates environmental organizations like Greenpeace --- Louan, location unknown


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