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Monkey Wrench Gang     MOVIE NEWS 

The Monkey Wrench Gang is now scheduled to hit movie screens in 2010

It was originally scheduled for 2008 before news dried up on the project.






Although nobody is saying, Here at wetdesert.net we assume the delay had something to with director Catherine Hardwicke getting sidetracked to direct the mother of all chick flicks: Twilight. 

It is notable that Hardwicke will not be directing the Twilight sequel "Moonlight" due to conflicts. Hopefully one of the conflicts is to direct the Monkey Wrench Gang!



The big Monkey Wrench Gang news is the announcement of the cast, and the cast is notable:

Mormon polygamist, Seldom Seen Smith:     Mathew McConaughey


Vietnam Vet, George Washington Hayduke III:    John Goodman

Billboard torcher, Dr. Sarvis: Richard Dreyfuss


Feminist, Bonnie Abbzug: Elisabeth Shue

Unknown part: Jack Nicholson




According to imdb.com, other credits include:
Novel: Edward Abbey
Screenplay: Christian Forte
Screenplay: William Goldman
Screenplay: Christian Forte
Producer: Gary Burden
Executive Producer: Alessandro Camon
Producer: Lloyd Phillips
Executive Producer: Mathew Rhodes
First Assistant Director: Jamie Marshall
Production Company: Edward R. Pressman Films



3/22/09: There are complaints around the internet about the cast. Some say that Dreyfuss, Goodman, and Nicholson are too old. We somewhat agree on Goodman playing Hayduke. Although he would have been perfect 20 years ago. (wetdesert.net)

3/22/09: There is some dispute about which actor is playing which part. Some have Nicholson playing Doc, and others Dreyfuss. Our assumption is Dreyfuss, but we will change our site if we hear different.



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If you have news, speculation, or opinions about The Monkey Wrench Gang movie, send them to me, and I will try to post as many as possible.